More and more consumers and automotive dealerships are taking advantage of Paint Protection Film or PPF.  This is a product with enormous growth potential.  The average wholesale price to an automotive dealership is $499.00 with a materials cost average of only $215.00  A well trained servicer can typically complete 3 average applications in 6-8 hours.  Imagine earning more than $200 per job or upwards of $600 a day or more!  Application of this product requires a high amount of skill set which only few are trained to do.  This presents an awesome opportunity to fill a growing need for PPF applicators nationally!

Our 3 day hands on PPF Application and Training Course will give you all of the skills and tools you’ll need to begin capitalizing on this amazing, high profit industry.  The best part?  This course will give you the ability to pay for itself in your very first month!

Imagine starting a business for less than $3,000 including tools and training! That’s right, our students will graduate with a professional starter tool kit package to get you off on the right step.

Here’s What You’ll Learn;

  • Intro to the Paint Protection Film industry
  • Explanation of tools of the trade
  • Introduction to using the plotter to cut Clear Bra patterns
  • Techniques for editing and altering patterns
  • Techniques for freehand cutting right on the vehicle
  • Placement of patters on film to maximize film
  • Proper storage and maintenance of equipment and film
  • Step by step instruction in the installation process (covers all levels of difficulty)
  • Proper film stretching
  • Tips and tricks for successful installation
  • Marketing and pricing of services
Upcoming Course Dates