Work smarter, not harder!  Nothing gives you more freedom than being your own boss!  Set your own hours, take vacations when you want and have unlimited income potential!

With our 2 day Business Success Course you will learn exactly what it takes to start, run and profit from your own window tinting business.  You’ll learn directly from one of the nations leading small business consultants Dr. Chad Alexander.  He has helped numerous small business owners successfully grow their businesses into multi-million dollar companies.  He has spoken and lectured nationally at major universities all across the country and is invited to speak at business conferences regularly.

Take a look at what you’ll learn;

  • How to form an LLC or S-Corp and why you should.
  • How to find your perfect customer, every time!
  • Inventory Management, how much is too much!
  • Cost Control, the devils in the details.
  • P & L Management, the numbers don’t lie.
  • The Do’s and Do More of Marketing.
  • The Million Dollar Mindset, whether your business is or not!

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Register today and put yourself light years ahead of your competition!

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