Commercial and residential flat glass window tinting is a massive, fast growing market.  In 2016 the commercial market grew by 18% and the residential market grew by 31%.  That’s HUGE GROWTH! The total window tinting industry topped $8 Billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to more than $13 Billion by 2025!  That’s an expected industry growth of 61% over 7 years!

Our 3 day – 24 hour hands on flat glass window tinting course will give you all of the skills and tools you’ll need to begin capitalizing on this incredible, high profit, fast growing industry.  The amazing part?  This course will give you the ability to pay for itself with your very first job!

Imagine starting a business for less than $2,000 including tools, materials and training! That’s right, our students will graduate with a professional starter tool kit and materials package to get you off on the right step.  In most cases, you will earn your investment back on your very first commercial or residential job!  Combine this course with our Business Success Course to set yourself up for an incredible new career being your own boss!

Here’s what you’ll learn;

  • Industry facts & Types of Film
  • Understanding how to bid commercial / residential jobs
  • Preparing the Glass with proper tools & methods
  • Reverse roll techniques to ensure correct installation
  • Cross pull liner release technique for smaller windows
  • Custom pattern cutting without wasting film unnecessarily
  • “T” method controlled squeegee “tricks” for maximum film adhesion
  • Post installation ‘must knows’
  • How to install Safety / Security film for specialized jobs.

Don’t waste another minute!  Click below and register today to get started in this exciting, lucrative and growing industry!

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